Pia MYrvoLD TIME MACHINE 7- 30 May 2019 off/Venice Biennale 2019

The installation TIME MACHINE, nr 11 in the #LightHackSculptureseries, is not a time travel machine, but rather a machine that produces time. Today, our time has been commodified, ivaded, measured and digitally recorded, we are constantly pushed forward in a breathless agenda of meetings, doings, tasks, deadlines, preparing ourself for our future. TIME MACHINE, represents the infinity of time, by presenting light and video loops, that in a random and poetic light travel, creates a space, free of time. There is no commitment, no expectations from the spectator, but to visit and produce her or his own time within the work.

Pia MYrvoLD – TIME MACHINE III, 10-15 September, SKUR 2, Stavanger.


The exhibition TIME MACHINE III,  is an echo of the great art exhibition Pia MYrvoLD arranged in Venice during the year’s biennial, from 7 to 30 May 2019 and the launch of the Giudecca Art District.

In the large and attractive exhibition premises in Skur 2, one of the gallery’s main rooms will show the new TIME MACHINE in the #LightHackSculpture series.

A separate hall shows brand new works created in an art/installation collaboration with Datatrykk AS,  in Hillevåg. The artist uses Datatrykk’s new and advanced production technology including laser cutting, digital printing, and etching on non-traditional materials, in a series of architectural models, sculptures and wall paintings.

Another room presents new and older paintings in series Time Pieces, 1988 – 2019, a key series in MYrvoLD’s artistry, which, through its schematic structures, provides the basis for works she produces, such as smart technology, robot kinetic sculpture and sensor-based surfaces in sculptures, performance, and installation.

The last room is dedicated to textile works, including costumes and a brand new collection TIME MACHINE 2019, which will be shown in the performance, art and music program.

The exhibition is produced by MYworLD104 together with MYworLD Studio Paris, with the main partner Datatrykk AS.

Thanks also to  Conventor AS, and Midbøe, AS.


Pia MYrvoLD TIME MACHINE III Premiere Visning

Torsdag 12. september kl 19.30

Performance med dansere, musikere og art silhuetter, visning som kunstform, lyd, koreografi, scenografi av Pia MYrvoLD

Premiere Stavanger 12. September

For første gang på 15 år lager Pia MYrvoLD en helt ny kolleksjon: TIME MACHINE 2019, som vil vises i performance og visnings programmet i 

med dansere, musikere og art silhuetter, en visning laget som egen kunstform med lyd, koreografi, dansere, musikere og scenografi.



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