Art video and media installation archives.


Video Pia MYrvoLD Vimeo and published links

Light Hack Sculpture – Skur 2, Stavanger, Norway  2019


Pia MYrvoLD interview with the artist  in Venice TIME MACHINE, by Out of Sync- Art in Focus, 2019                                      

Pia MYrvoLD solo show TIME MACHINE, Venice 2019 GAD Giudecca Art District Official Biennale Program


Light Hack Sculpture – PixxelOrg, Slovenia 2018 Pia MYrvoLD Time Machine Extended Reality –

This documentary video shows recent Pia MYrvoLD- #LightHackSculptures presented in Paris and Miami 2016-2017

Pia MYrvoLD #LightHackSculpture Stairway to Another Heaven, Bergen Piksel, 2018

Video links Pia MYrvoLD Video Walls – digital mapping

Expandium IV, Pia MYrvoLD Video Loop, 2014, 3×12 meter video installation

Cube Wave, 2014 Pia MYrvoLD Video Wall 3×12 meter.

Video links immersive and interactive exhibitions

Pia MYrvoLD-WANDS-2015 – Paris MYworLD, Oslo ANX, and Doga Qatar New York Times, 2016.
Pia MYrvoLD explains WANDS- first-generation smart sculptures

ART AVATAR immersive and interactive exhibition Centre Pompidou, 2014

Pia MYrvoLD Hybrid Love Robot Sculptures 2015


Pia MYrvoLD- Virtual Reality version – Transforming Venus

Published by Acute Art, 2018

Nomination Pia MYrvoLD Opline Art Price 2018 by Julio Le Parc

̄SunTrumpets 2016- SynEnergy- Pia MYrvoLD

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