Art video and media installation archives.


Video Pia MYrvoLD Vimeo and published links


Pia MYrvoLD interview with the artist  in Venice TIME MACHINE, by Out of Sync- Art in Focus, 2019                                      


This documentary video shows recent Pia MYrvoLD- #LightHackSculptures presented in Paris and Miami 2016-2017

Pia MYrvoLD #LightHackSculpture Stairway to Another Heaven, Bergen Piksel, 2018

Video links Pia MYrvoLD Video Walls – digital mapping

Expandium IV, Pia MYrvoLD Video Loop, 2014, 3×12 meter video installation

Cube Wave, 2014 Pia MYrvoLD Video Wall 3×12 meter.

Video links immersive and interactive exhibitions

Pia MYrvoLD-WANDS-2015 – Paris MYworLD, Oslo ANX, and Doga Qatar New York Times, 2016.
Pia MYrvoLD explains WANDS- first-generation smart sculptures

ART AVATAR immersive and interactive exhibition Centre Pompidou, 2015

Pia MYrvoLD Hybrid Love Robot Sculptures 2015


Nomination Pia MYrvoLD Opline Art Price 2018 by Julio Le Parc

̄SunTrumpets 2016- SynEnergy- Pia MYrvoLD

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